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Friday, July 26, 2013

Have some fun with TAGXEDO!

Introducing...... TAGXEDO! Sharing new sites is a must in the world of education. The Tagxedo site allows you to use whatever words you want to create word clouds, and the possibilities are endless!

These can be great fun for students to use in all areas of the curriculum, for games in the classroom, and to expand a unit of study.

Word clouds can be used in math to help preschoolers better understand how one topic is used more than another simply by using data collected in the class and then transposed into a word cloud on Tagxedo. For example asking a group of twenty what is their favorite type of ice cream and then adding each person's choice in creating the word cloud, will cause the flavor chosen the most to be the biggest in the word cloud.

By using the words and topics of stories and songs games can be easily made with word clouds. Guess that fairy tale. Guess the song.

Unit expansion ideas are always needed. Taking all the words to be covered in a weather unit and making them into a word cloud in the shape of an umbrella would give the students a chance to guess what topic they would be learning. Displaying the word cloud for the entire unit would be a great way to review all the ideas covered in the area of study.

Go ahead. Check out TAGXEDO! Click HERE, and have some fun! Want to see what we've created? Check back with me in the next post!

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